Keynote Leadership Speaker, Visonary Leadership, Positive Motivation

Keynote Leadership Speaker, Visonary Leadership, Positive Motivation Todd Brockdorf provides it all. Organizational leadership expert, this motivation speaker provides keynote presentations and workshops.

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Todd Brockdorf is one of the hottest new talents to the industry. He helps college and high school students as well as members of community-based organizations to realize the leader within themselves. He also works with community-based organizations to recruit and retain young professionals.

He inspires audiences with his unique blend of humor and motivational stories. No two presentations are ever the same; he customizes each engagement using information that he unearths from clients.

Todd didn't set out to become a leader. He has always viewed himself as an introvert, content with keeping to himself. Through his involvement in organizations, he has become an “extroverted introvert.”

Todd’s first taste of leadership occurred while he was in high school. He ran for the position of Club Vice President, thinking that he would not have to do much. After all, there was a President to run the club. Little did he know that the Club President was going to evaporate into thin air. Recognizing a need for leadership, Todd assumed the role of Club President and began to discover the leader within himself.

While in college, Todd thought he knew everything about running a student organization. Was he ever wrong! After his Executive Board nearly resigned, he learned important lessons in leadership, effectively communicating his vision, and building a change-ready organization. One year later, membership had increased about 300%.

After college, he continued to build his leadership skills. He served as Club President for a local chapter of a non-profit organization. During his tenure, the average attendance at meetings doubled and the average age of its members was lowered by the club concentrating on recruiting and retaining college students and young professionals. The next year, he encouraged similar successes with multiple chapters as an Area Governor. To further extend his capabilities across a broader area, he is currently serving as the District Governor, serving southeast Michigan, northwest Ohio, and southwest Ontario, Canada. He has previously served as the District’s Public Relations Officer, Lieutenant Governor of Marketing, and Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training.

He has been described as a “…leader by example. High on commitment and dedication, this young man is going places and taking people along with him.” Another audience member writes, “I enjoy Todd's accessibility as a speaker as he draws on his high energy, enthusiasm and humor to involve his audience in his presentations.”

Todd continues to pursue leadership opportunities as others recognize his talents and ask him to serve. He demonstrates that leadership is a skill that can indeed be learned.